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Welcome to the Website of Morris Power Construction.
We provide construction for various types of commercial power projects, with primary focus on renewable energy with wind turbine technology. In additon to wind farm construction projects, we do smaller wind turbine construction for residental, farms, educational centers, small businesses as well as both large and small corporations, and office park developments.



1.) Hard Hats, High visibility vests, safety glasses, and safety footwear must be worn at all times on site. All other safety protective equipment must be worn when the job task or conditions require, for example: welding shield, gloves, dust masks, harnesses, etc.

2.) Dress code: All personnel must wear long pants and a shirt at all times (long sleeves or T-shirts are allowed, but no "cut-offs" or tank tops, or tie-dye shirts, flowered shorts or sandals), this is not Hawaii or Cancun and you are not on vacation.

3.) All climbing and lifting equipment must be inspected every day before use and defective equipment replaced immediately.

4.) The following speed limits will be observed and enforced at all times for all vehicles.

On public roads and highways: Obey the speed limit signs, don't push your luck. It is recommended that you stay 2 or 3 miles per hour below the speed limit as a safety precaution and to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

When driving on the job site and when you are nearby and approaching the job site, on all main roads of the site, do not exceed 30 MPH.

On auxiliary roads, secondary roads and turbine access roads, or when on or near roads for sub-stations, do not exceed 25 MPH for all vehicles.

Reduce speed as needed for safety in rainy weather, and wind. On non-paved roads, reduce your speed as necessary for dust control.

We do not pay your speeding tickets and getting a speeding ticket may lead to your termination. Your driving habits directly affect our cost of auto insurance and liability. We cannot and will not allow recklessness or misconduct by one individual, on or off the job, to jeopardize our company reputation and the well being of our workers.

5.) Slow down when wildlife is near the road. Animals move suddenly and you may be held responsible for losses of livestock or game from a hunting ranch or preserve.

6.) Stay out of fenced-off or barricaded areas. These areas may well be off-limits areas due to environmental issues or represent danger (such as excavations, power lines, natural gas lines, quarry, etc.

7.) All traffic must stay on designated roads and rights-of-way. Stay on roads. Do not turn around or back into grassy areas, unless clearly marked by clearing stakes as a planned roadway, or unless it is an area planned as a turbine access road, a planned work yard, or a planned parking area.

DO NOT drive outside of clearing limits, and stay away from sensitive areas such as wetlands and sand dunes. When working on Wind Farm projects, be considerate of the wildlife and their natural habitat, as well as cattle or other livestock possibly in the area.

8.) Seat belts must be worn at all times. Seat belts must be worn when traveling in vehicles around the job site and when operating any piece of equipment (crane, backhoe, forklift, loader, excavator, dozer, etc.). Riding in the back of pickups is prohibited.

9.) Smoking is permitted inside vehicles and designated areas such as office trailer. You must use caution when smoking in any other area. Be especially careful during hot dry days. USE YOUR ASHTRAY AND DISPOSE OF BUTTS PROPERLY. Skoal and chewing tobacco is permitted, but be considerate of others where you spit. Anyone who violates the smoking policy may be dismissed from the site immediately! You are an adult and expected to conduct yourself as a professional. We will not risk our reputation on the carelessness of one individual.

10.) All precautions must be taken to prevent grass fires. At no time shall a vehicle equipped with a catalytic converter be driven off the road or cleared parking area. Catalytic converters retain heat and when parked or driving through a grassy area can start a fire.

11.) No drugs or alcohol on site.

12.) No firearms or fishing gear on site.

13.) No pets of any kind on site.

14.) No reckless horseplay, including spinning tires on roads.

15.) All operators must be properly trained before using a piece of equipment. Employers, any and all Sub-Contractors must provide training and maintain records.

16.) Nearby underground cables and lines must be identified and properly marked prior to any excavation.

17.) Suitable barriers and signs must be erected around all open excavations and trenches.

18.) Traffic control measures must be used when working on, or adjacent to, the site roads especially when using cranes and excavators, digging trenches, or blocking part of the road for any reason.

19.) Fire prevention measures must be taken when performing hot works, such as cutting and welding. Fire extinguisher should be close at hand while doing all hot work.

20.) Individuals must not disturb or damage the surface of the land, crops, fences, drainage structures, or other improvements of any kind, unless previously given written authorization and is required for construction.

21.) All personnel must attend site safety "tailgate meetings" with their employers at least once a week. These meetings must be documented on a record sheet.

22.) No climbing wind turbines, masts or ladders unless authorized to climb and equipped with proper safety harness and rigging.

23.) Know who your company site safety supervisor is and the correct procedure to follow in case of an emergency.

24.) Obey all traffic signs on site. Drive only on site roads and crane pads. Vehicles and equipment must be parked in designated areas only. Vehicles are not allowed off road at anytime without permission from a MPC supervisor. No personal vehicles allowed on site without prior authorization from MPC.

25.) Any gates which are opened for passage must immediately be closed. Don't drive through and plan to come back later. If a gate is closed, it's closed for a reason. If you open a gate and drive through, stop and close the gate behind you.

26.) Keep site clean and tidy. All trash must be immediately placed in appropriate garbage containers.

27.) All individuals shall be good stewards. Pick up trash and debris regardless of responsibility, in order to maintain a clean site and avoid trash from blowing away.

28.) MPC operates a "Three Strikes" rule for safety violations; Verbal, Written and Dismissal. Major violations, such as violence, or threat thereof, towards others, drug or alcohol abuse and/or willful negligence will result in violators being immediately removed from the site without warning. MPC management will determine what constitutes a major violation.

29.) All vehicles must be equipped with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

30.) Be aware that venomous snakes are native to Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico as well as several other states where projects may be located and precautions should be taken accordingly.

31.) If bump gates exist, approach bump gates with caution. Bump gates are designed for passenger cars and light trucks. Heavy trucks and equipment must use access roads with swing gates. Do not hold bump gates open by hand for vehicles to pass through.

32.) Nothing is to be removed from the site property, including plants, rocks, deer sheds, bones, artifacts, etc. Only trash from daily work is to be removed and no cigarette butts on the ground.

33.) All work crews must carry the emergency contact information and a cell phone or 2-way radio for safety. Nobody shall ever be unable to reach others for help.

34.) On very large and/or remote projects, it is recommended that everyone should carry a map of the project or a GPS to avoid getting lost.

35.) On very large and/or remote projects, it is recommended that everyone should keep provisions with you in case you get stranded or lost (Water, Food, etc.). Make sure you have enough fuel and/or carry extra fuel with you to avoid being stranded.

36.) All near misses and accidents must be reported to the MPC office immediately and preventative measures taken to stop the incident from reoccurring. This includes damage to site property, or accidents with livestock or wild game.



This process is designed to reduce and if possible, eradicate incidents and accidents caused through the careless or neglectful actions of employees. This procedure will also be used in respect of:

a. The infringement of site rules.

b. Any action that would bring MPC into disrepute with the local poplace, local law enforcement or with our clients.

c. Incidents of careless and/or willful misuse of company property (tools, equipment, vehicles, rental equipment, etc.) on or off the site.


1. The relevant Supervisor and/or H & S (Health and Safety) Supervisor will conduct a preliminary investigation of any incident, including a request to replace damaged equipment, of a near miss or an accident.

2. If the investigation raises issues of misuse or carelessness on the part of the employee, an in-depth investigation will take place to determine exact details covering such items as how the incident and/or damage occurred, time and date, witnesses, etc.

3. The results should clearly identify the cause of the incident and will either determine blame or clear parties involved.

4. If it is determined that the employee is at fault, they will be advised and referred for further action.

5. A report of findings will be submitted to the Site Manager, Project Manager, Office Manager and the H & S (Health and Safety) Advisor. The report will contain details of the incident, resulting damage, employee's name and his past incident record, if one exists, together with appropriate recommendations.

6. All parties will consider the report and a suitable level of discipline agreed upon, ranging from a verbal or written warning through suspension (with or without pay) to formal dismissal.

7. When a decision is reached the result will be communicated to the individual in writing and/or through personal interview.

8. A copy of the decision will be placed in the Company files at the head office of MPC, and when applicable, in the head office of the Sub-Contractor, when the employee is employed by a Sub-Contractor.

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