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Welcome to the Website of Morris Power Construction.
We provide construction for various types of commercial power projects, with primary focus on renewable energy with wind turbine technology. In additon to wind farm construction projects, we do smaller wind turbine construction for residental, farms, educational centers, small businesses as well as both large and small corporations, and office park developments.

Wind Turbine Construction

Wind turbine construction is a lot more than what meets the eye. Wind turbine construction is a lot more than nuts and bolts, or blades and volts. There's more to it than that and you are going to get dirty. Demanding schedules requires that much of the work must be done in sync with when tower sections arrive. Excavation must be done well in advance so rebar and foundation bolts can be installed and the concrete poured with time to cure before the base sections of the towers arrive. Scheduling is crucial almost to the minute, so cranes and operators can be on site to off load the tower sections as they arrive.

Heavy equipment haulers are scheduled on a turn-around basis to return for more tower sections and the turn-around delivery timing of each section is absolutely crucial in scheduling the work force, cranes and operators. Every item of material, equipment and the work force must be in sync and any small delay has a dramatic rippling effect of lost productivity throughout the project in every discipline of work. Supply Managers, Logistic Managers and the workforce Scheduling Managers must work hand-in-hand with schedules closely monitored with complete coordination among all the managers, supervisors and foremen.

Wind turbine construction is a lot more than what meets the eye. The structural concrete for the foundations requires specific aggregates to support the weight and the leverage forces of the wind against the tower and blades. Local area suppliers of the sand and stone must be located and test cylinders must be made and sent out for lab testing.

Many trucks and drivers must be located to haul the aggregates to the project where blending and mixing are done on site as the demand requires. Often many trucks and drivers are brought in from other areas to meet the demand. Multiple contractors and subcontractors join forces in the construction of wind farm projects. Many contractors meet again and again on various wind farm construction projects from coast to coast. This is demanding work for contractors as the wind farm projects are scattered from state to state across the country.

Another type of concrete is placed over the cables as they are being trenched to the sub-station. This is called FTB, which stands for Fluidized Thermal Backfill and requires a completely different type of aggregates to produce the thermal capability to take heat away from the buried cables.

FTB (Fluidized Thermal Backfill) is a type of concrete put over buried power cables to dissipate heat. Thermal backfill is most important in wind farm construction as wind speeds increase, wind turbines produce more power. When multiple turbines are attached to the same cables leading back to the substation, heat will increase significantly with wind speed.

To backfill with dirt or sand will not offer any heat dissipating qualities. FTB (Fluidized Thermal Backfill) is carefully blended with specific aggregates that are designed for dissipating heat away from buried power cables. FTB (Fluidized Thermal Backfill) protects buried power cables from overheating during wind surges. FTB (Fluidized Thermal Backfill) dissipates heat and works to prevent power cable burnout.

Cables conduits placed inside a casing require another type of material known as thermal grout and uses a completely different blend of aggregates to achieve thermal capability for heat dissipation.

Wind turbines, these modern marvels of modern day man not only require precision in manufacturing and assembly, but also require a coordinated precision to the timing of deliveries and the scheduling of the required workforce.

As I mentioned before, wind turbine construction is more than what meets the eye, to make it all come together you're going to get dirty. Below are pictures from wind turbine projects that illustrate how various facets of the work all come together.





















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